MsLods’ news round-up ~ law and technology (direct from San Francisco)



Reselling digital goods is copyright infringement, judge rules. | Wired |

Aereo: retransmission not a “public performance” in the US. | The 1709 Blog |

Ohio Judge won’t allow ‘mass-suing’ of movie pirates. | Hollywood Reporter |

Last week I was a panellist at the Fordham IP Conference in New York City. The IPKat published a series of blogs posts summarising a range of the  discussions and debates:

iiNet – charting a new course for authorisation law in Australia. | Law Institute Journal  (My article on the iiNet litigation written late last year and published in this month’s Law Institute Journal.)

Defamation & media law

Australia: The great media reform mess – Richard Ackland. | Inforrm’s Blog |

Bloggers under threat in Bangladesh and beyond. | Global Voices Advocacy |

Privacy & security

Google may be the first communications company to push back on unconstitutional National Security Letters. | Bloomberg |

Right to be forgotten: Britain seeks opt-out of new European social media privacy laws. | The Guardian |


Quebec court says no to eBay’s online contract: Geist. | Toronto Star |


Fine of $2 million reduced to $50,000. Full Federal Court hands down penalty and other orders in TPG appeal. | ACCC |

iiNet calls for thorough evaluation of Coalition’s broadband policy vs  Labor’s.  | ABC |

ACCC issues draft decision on NBN Co Special Access Undertaking. | ACCC |

Trade marks & brand protection

Kate Middleton trade marks her name, hints at marathon. | NYMag |

Social media

Twitter arrives on Wall Street, via Bloomberg. | New York Times |

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ Facebook flap forces SEC into 21st Century. | Forbes |

Woman arrested for Instagramming. |  Salon |

How diplomats learned to stop worrying and love the Tweet. | Foreign Affairs (For those interested in news and views from South Africa and southern Africa more generally I recommend the excellent @USEmbPretoria)


8 April 2013

MsLods’ news round-up ~ law and technology (direct from San Francisco)

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