Ms Lods’ news round-up -> law and technology

MSLODS’ ROUND-UP  – Technology, Intellectual Property & Media Law


Sources: no Digital Economy Act copyright warning letters until 2016 at the earliest. | SROC |

Museums mull public use of online art images: Masterworks for one and all. | New York Times |

News from Taiwan: My Rights v Your Rights: the cyber wars escalate. | The 1709 Blog |

US entertainment industry to Congress: make it legal for us to deploy rootkits, spyware, ransomware and trojans to attack pirates. |  Boing Boing |

Defamation & media law

Singapore tightens grip on Internet news sites. | WSJ|

We need to protect the act of journalism, no matter who’s doing it. | Nieman Journalism Lab |

News from Spain: Google held not liable for linking to defamatory content. | ISP Liability  |

Privacy & security

Mooted ALRC privacy cause of action inquiry not officially dead yet. | Open and Shut |

Revealed: Australian spies seek power to break into Tor. | Crikey |

Privacy no hindrance to CCTV camera go-ahead for NSW local councils. | Open and Shut |

Privacy commissioner welcomes new data breach notification laws. | Business Spectator |

Forget the word ‘cyberwar’ says Marcus Ranum. | The Register |


Leave me your DNA … and I’ll 3D-print your face. | Guardian |

Here’s Mary Meeker‘s latest Internet trends report: Mobile, wearables and more. | Forbes |

The Facebook experiment has failed. Let’s go back. — A Programmer’s Tale. | Medium  |


NBN Co’s take up rates soar. | IT News |

No ‘coordinated government filter agency’: Conroy. | ZDNet |

Clearing the way to better telco ads. | ACMA |

Trade marks & brand protection

New York challenges a coffee shop logo. | The New York Times |

Melbourne gym ordered to stop ‘Superman Workout’. | Smart Company |

Brand Maasai: why nomads might trade mark their name. | BBC |

Social media

The day Facebook asked me: ‘are you in crisis?’ | The Irish Times  |

The futile quest to end rape jokes on the Internet continues. | Forbes |

Foursquare partners with Gnip to offer its check-ins for research. | TNW |

How to deal with a troll? | ntegrity |

3 June 2013

Ms Lods’ news round-up -> law and technology

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