MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology


iiNet, DBC 3-week wait on piracy ruling. | IT News |

Brandis snubbed consumer groups, ISPs in piracy debate. | ZDNet |

Losing cultural treasures under the TPP. | Public Address |

Draft Copyright Notice Industry Scheme Code. | Communications Alliance |

Defamation, freedom of expression & media law

Brandis still aiming to abolish Office of Australian Information Commissioner (responsible for FOI). | Open and Shut |  

A Whistleblower’s Horror Story. | Rolling Stone |

Swiss journalists who used covert filming win press freedom judgment. | The Guardian |

China will start censoring online usernames this Sunday. | Techinasia |

Bugging revelations stun journalists as inquiry unfolds. | SMH |

The Google effect: ICAC suppresses identity of witness. | SMH |

UK government to rush through guidelines to stop police snooping of journalists. | Guardian |

Privacy & information security

Canada’s spy agency collects & stores millions of Canadian’s emails to the government. | CBC |

UK admits unlawfully monitoring legally privileged communications. | The Guardian |

Dutch court urged to strike down national data retention law. | Jurist |

Snowden factor: report laments exposure of mass surveillance schemes. | Computerworld |

Data retention costs: government is treating us like mugs. | SMH |

Retain our privacy, not our data. | ABC Drum |

Telcos question data retention plans that exclude Skype, Facebook and Gmail. | The Guardian |

Stop monkeying around with our metadata laws, Prime Minister. | ZDNet |

A list of current legal challenges to UK’s surveillance regime. | Bureau of Investigative Journalism |

You had one job, Lenovo. | Slate |

Australia’s war on terror hampered by incompatible IT systems. | ZDNet |

Big data ethics is a board-level issue. | ZDNet |

Who do we blame when a robot threatens to kill people? | Fusion |

Why we need a right to privacy for brain data. | Gizmodo |

Watch ‘Noah’, the short film that inspired Modern Family’s i-phone filmed episode. | Fusion |

Social media

Michelle Obama, Reese Witherspoon & other celebs are revealing their locations when they post photos on Instagram. | Fusion |

What happens to your Facebook account when you die? | Crikey |

In privacy update,  Reddit tightens restrictions on nude photos. | New York Times |

Stop the tweets: Australia commits $18M to monitor social media. | ZDNet |

The Snapchat and the platypus. | Medium |

Meet the tweet-deleters. | Fusion |

26 February 2015

MsLods’ news round-up: law + technology

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